全加中医药针灸协会理事会 2017第六届选举委员会 公 告

CSCMA President & Board Members

2017 Election Committee Announcement


CSCMA was elected the sixth new council

Cheng Zhao once again elected as a new president

   On March 12, 2017 CSCMA officially launched the sixth session of the Council since the election, under the leadership of the Association Election Commission to overcome the difficulties, break through the obstruction, the election has been the active support of the majority of members and Actively participate. On April 22 at 7 pm, held an election billing meeting at office of CSCMA, the first check the envelope of all the letters and postal stamps, open envelope, count, record, statistics finishing. The entire billing process lasted more than three hours.

Chief Superintendent Zhu Xiaoqing announced the election results: The election to the right of the members of the election issued 686 votes, 399 votes to recover the ballot, There are three tickets invalid .The valid are 396, voter turn rate of 58%. Cheng Zhao to 387 votes and elected again as the new president. The elected directors were: Chen Peiyuan, Guo Lei, He Hao, Jul Ray, Liu Yuxin, Peng Lin, Peng Yue, Wang Bo, Xu Zhilong and Yang Xifeng; the alternate candidates were Wang Chunming, Oral Oken and Gorlik Vadim. All election materials are sealed and kept.

The election has been the active support of the majority of members, reflecting the hearts of members, the new Council will continue to safeguard the interests of members to provide the most favorable group of professional insurance, to help members timely for transferring to general class and annually renew, exemption for fee for membership for CSCMA. Strive for Dr.title. Unite all traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and its fans, maintain and develop the traditions and values over years.