CSCMA President & Board Members

2017 Election Committee Announcement


Under the By-law of CSCMA (2010 Edition) 4.3, the term of the board members of the association is 4 years. It is the time to elect a new president and eleven board members (including the president) and four alternate board members.

The association’s by-law 4.2 and 6.1 requires the qualification of the candidate’s as: having been a member for more than four years; having been a director or on the working committee of the Corporation; not an officer or director of another similar TCM organization in Canada; No undischarged bankrupt shall become a director. Candidate must love Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture profession and have good health for the duty.
In accordance with the by-law of the Association of Association 5.4.1, the Election Committee is appointed by the current Board of the Association. The composition of the Election Committee is:

Chairman:             Mr.Steve Zhu
Members:              Ying Yu, Jianlin Xue, Jianyin Gu, Feng Chen

The Duties and Right of the Election Committee:

The Election Committee is responsible for the Election of the president and the board members of the Association, mobilizes and encourages all members to fully exercise their rights, and actively participate in elections to cast their votes seriously.

Election Committee members cannot be a candidate in the election. It works independently based on the principles of equity, honesty and neutrality. According to the By-Law 5.4.3, the Electoral Commission will be automatically dissolved in the end of the election.

The Rules of Election

All candidates shall submit their authentic CVs, election pronouncements and other documents to be examined by the election committee. Elections shall retain the principles of procedural fairness, equity and good faith. The spreading of rumours and/or slandering or otherwise defaming others in the election pronouncements or otherwise, are absolutely prohibited. Violators will be disqualified. The election committee will mail the CV and election pronouncement of the candidate and ballot to all the members, and arrange the election date accordingly. The Election Committee reserves the right to make necessary modification in size and grammar in order to maintain the consistency of the documents.

The votes will be cast by members attending meeting in person on the Election Day and/or by proxies mail-in on or before the Election Day. Once the votes casting hour is over, the scrutinizers arranged by the election committee open, read, and count the votes on the spot, and announce the election result. The ballot boxes shall be sealed immediately and confirmed and signed by the scrutinizers on spot, and then the ballot boxes will be delivered to the office of the Association by the scrutinizers.

If there occurs any injustice caused by election fraud or otherwise, the election committee will immediately report it to the Board to confirm the validity of the election. If the election is determined to be invalid, the election committee may arrange a re-election, the election committee may arrange a re-election date or the Board may dismiss and re-appoint a new election committee.

If any factors beyond the reasonable control of the election committee led to the failure to do the election on the scheduled date, the election committee will announce a new election date.


Method of Election:


  • Determine the Election procedure based on the By-Law of the Association
  • Collect candidates of the President and board members, send the Candidates Application Form to all active members of the Association. The candidate of the president needs ten members ’recommendation. Each candidate of the directors needs two members’ recommendation.
  • Send ballots, the CVs of all candidates and their election pronouncements to all active members of the Association.
  • Determine the date and location of the Election conference, open, read, and count the votes on the spot, and announce the election result. Those members who did not mail their votes can cast their votes in person at the conference.
  • The Election conference will have two scrutinizers and two tellers to count the ballots. The scrutinizers and tellers come from non-candidate members and appointed by the Election Committee.
  • After the voting,votes will be counted by the scrutinizers. If the actual number of the votes equal to or less than the issued ballots, election is valid, otherwisethe election is The scrutinizers will report the Election result to the chairman of the Election conference.
  • The highest vote’s winner of the candidates of the President will be electedas the new president, also as one of the board members of the Association。
  • The highest ten votes winner (except theelected president) will be the new board members of the Association.
  • The next higherfour votes winners will be the alternate board members.


Schedule of The Election


  • 12,2017: The Election Committee established.


  • 12,2017: The Election Committee Emails the first letter and the Candidate Application Form for the President and Board Members to all active members of the Association. The form can be obtained from the following three ways:
  • The Association Office:


CSCMA Selection Committee office

245 Fairview Mall Drive Unit 402

Toronto, ON. M2J 4T1

Tel: 416-597-6769;647-968-8877




  • The Election Committee:


Tel: 647-968-8877;416-597-6769

  • Please mail your Candidate Application Form for the President and Board Members to the Election Committee’s mailbox:


CSCMA Selection Committee office

245 Fairview Mall Drive Unit 402

Toronto, ON. M2J 4T1


  • The deadline of receiving the Candidate Application Form for the President and Board Members: Mar.27,2017,12 PM.